It looks like we’re getting a lot of hits on our site, but that so far most visitors are passing on writing their own personal declaration for the MyDeclaration part of our project.

Our hunch, though, is that most visitors to our site want to write one, but that sometimes it can be a little intimidating to get started, or that some might be at a loss at first about how to go about it.

Our board member Charlynn Duecy has come up with a great template that can serve as a helpful prompt or framework or set of guidelines for you to compose your own declaration.

Identify a topic in which you are passionate about.

Then write your topic in the box to the right.

Examples: environment, children, education, human rights, gender equality, gay marriage, health care, genetically modified foods, preservation, etc.

Write one or more sentences about this topic. 

Guidance: This should be a statement of purpose or focus the objective you want to achieve.


Write one or more sentences about why this topic matters, or why people should care about this issue.


Guidance: Give a supporting example such as an observation, a recent news or academic article, quote from a scholar, a statistic, etc.


Write one for more sentences that provide a call to action to the audience. 




Guidance: How do you want people respond to what you’ve written?  What can they do; write their Congressman, volunteer, sign a petition? Vote? etc.

 Hope this helps. Now we hope you’ll get back in there and post your declaration. And if you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to write us at